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Hot water temperature

Hot water temperatures over 120 degrees poses the risk of scolding your skin within seconds

Water heater vent clearance

Water heater flue pipe in contact with combustible materials posing potential fire hazard

Drain leaking

Improper S-trap plumbing that was also heavily leaking

Damaged HVAC ductwork

Damaged HVAC ductwork insulation in attic

Tree roots uplifting driveway

Nearby tree roots uplifting and damaging concrete driveway

Missing kick out flashing

Missing kick out flashing to protect the siding and service conductor wiring

safety hazard wire splicing

DIY safety hazard wire splicing

Leaking pipes behind wall

Shower/tub leak leaking into garage

Double pane window seal failed

Condensation in between double pane windows indicating failed seal making it no longer energy efficient

Open wire splice

Open wire splices should always be contained in electrical rated box to avoid possible arcing/fire hazards

Spalling bricks

Bricks spalling from moisture intrusion and expanding and contracting

Bath tub leaking in crawlspace

Active leak under bath tub under crawlspace, damaging floor joist and sub flooring

Deteriorate vent stack boot flashing

Deteriorated plumbing vent stacking on the roof that could cause leaking into the home

Moss/Algae growing on the roof

Found the roof covered in moss and algae during the roof inspection

moisture meter detecting leak

Using our moisture meter to detect leaks

Chimney missing saddle flashing

Chimneys 30 inches or wider require cricket or saddle flashing to help divert water away from chimney

Wood rotted roof sheathing in attic

Wood rotted roof sheathing from past leaks in the attic

Risley Home Inspections fireplace

Home Inspector William Risley inspecting inside the chimney and fireplace

suction line missing insulation

HVAC suction lines should be properly insulated for proper efficiency

Tuscaloosa Home Inspector

Risley Home Inspections providing a proper roof inspection!

Leaking sprinkler head in closet

Active leak damaging the drywall

Measuring HVAC delta T

Measuring your HVAC's Delta T to make sure it operates efficiently

Clogged furnace system

Clogged HVAC catch plan and condensate line could lead to overflowing and causing water damage

Tuscaloosa home inspector

Risley Home Inspections inspecting plumbing for any leaks

Inspecting electrical outlets

Inspecting the outlets for proper wiring

Roof inspection

Risley Home Inspections inspects every accessible roof to provide you with our professional service

Measuring proper insulation

Measuring your insulation to make sure you have an energy efficient home

Determining leak or stain

Call Risley Home Inspections Today!

Damaged ductwork

Damaged ductwork and blowing A/C into the attic

vent stack boot flashing

Damaged vent stack boot flashing that can lead to a roof leak

Corrosion on water heater outlets

You should install di-electric unions to avoid corrosion on your water heater outlets

Roof leak water damaged sheathing

Active roof leak, Call Risley Home Inspections today to protect your investment

As an InterNACHI certified and licensed Tuscaloosa home inspector, my job is to ease the process and provide you with a detailed & thorough inspection, in an efficient and professional manner. We strive to deliver a detailed and clear assessment of the property to help you make an informed decision when finding your dream home. And with the "We'll Buy Your Home Back Guarantee" , why choose anyone else.


With our Home Inspector Pro Software, we provide easy to read reports that describe each defect/finding with pictures and guarantee clients receive the report same day as inspection. We even offer a follow up inspection on repairs to give our clients a greater peace of mind! Call Risley Home Inspections today to schedule your next professional home inspection!


Serving Tuscaloosa and surrounding counties

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